The Quickest Path to More Sales

(…And How to Build Your Know/Like/Trust) Wondering how to create a sustainable system to convert more prospects into paying clients? In high-ticket sales, the most important ingredient is pretty simple… Trust. In high-ticket sales—whether that’s real estate, consulting, professional services—if you’re already operating from a commodity mindset, you’re already losing. None of my clients compete […]

clear the path

There Is No Easy Button

(But it doesn’t have to be complicated) You probably got into real estate for a few key reasons. You love working with clients. You want flexibility and control with your schedule and work-life balance. You like the thrill of sales and negotiation, especially when it means a big win for your client. You probably didn’t […]

Onwards and Upwards

Why Most Marketing Is Throwing Away 95% of Your Leads

If you’re like most of my clients when they first start working with me, you would love to have more highly qualified leads coming into your business and closing right now. But fast forward a few months… Wouldn’t you like to end the mad scramble between marketing and sales to find, target and close more […]

Drone Video Marketing Strategy

Drone Video & Marketing Strategy

Big news in marketing: the FAA just announced its approval for commercial use of UAVs, or drones. Drone video marketing strategy is the next frontier. While hobbyist use has been allowed, commercial use of drones has been specifically prohibited. Effective late August 2016, commercial drone use is permitted. This has major implications for multiple verticals. […]

marketing zip code

Marketing to the Entire Zip Code

You’ve probably sent out postcards and mailers to an entire city…or entire zip codes. But do you really know who your ideal clients are? And are you actually reaching your ideal clients? If you’re like most real estate agents, you would love to 4x your lead gen for more of your current best clients. Picture […]

The Unlucky 13 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Struggling to get your business off the ground? Can’t for the life of you get your marketing department to get the ball moving and get the money rolling in? You’re not alone. Here are the top 13 reasons your marketing isn’t working, collected from my clients’ storied experiences in building their businesses… 1. You don’t […]

Finding Your Next Best Clients

Proven Marketing ROI: Finding Your Next Best Clients

The most innocuous “trick” to marketing success is right under your nose. It sounds so simple, yet so many businesses waste immense amounts of time and money trying to succeed here. Find the next best clients for your business. You want to find MORE of the same people who have been your best clients. And […]

How to Make Time, Not Excuses

I’ve heard it a million times. The, “But I don’t have time” speech from clients who can’t seem to break the next financial barrier to success. We’ve all seen the memes… But let’s be real. You might not have an assistant for every single activity of the day…yet. So how can you level up to running […]

There is No Such Thing As A Marketing Emergency™

…If you don’t create one. I’ve been singing this song for a while now, but it has never been more true. There is no such thing as a marketing emergency™. Especially in the past couple years, with the explosion of info-marketing DIY and DFY, done-for-you marketing, and the latest and greatest social media channels presenting […]

The One Trait All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

If there’s something big that you need to get done…who you gonna call? Accountability is a key characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs. The only problem is that when running your own business, there are approximately 95 moving parts, and just one you. All growing businesses get to the point of expansion. The trick is bringing […]