Get to the top 1% of your market

How to build marketing systems to sell more real estate

Get to the top 1% of your market

How to build marketing systems to sell more real estate

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How Top 1% Agents Get to the Top—and Stay There

You're right—running a successful business as a real estate agent is NOT a piece of cake...

And you know that you want to—even need to—increase your sales volume to get your business to the level it should be.

Maybe you’re even ready to make it to the top of your market. Or the top of all agents.

You’ve tried grinding it out, but it’s not going fast enough.

You’re ready to help more clients succeed with what is for 99% of the population, the largest financial transaction of their life…but you want to make sure you’re working with people who truly understand your value, who trust your expert guidance, who even refer you to more amazing clients.

You’re the kind of agent who really cares for your clients and you take your ethical and fiduciary responsibilities seriously. So you want to be done with people who push you to discount your commission, or who bully you into working 24/7.

But getting there, and staying there consistently, has proven to be much more difficult than you expected.

I can help.

There is a HUGE movement in real estate right now that has most coaches and managing brokers split…

Either it’s complicated, convoluted, 19-step funnels that give you “leads” who don’t even know why you’re contacting them and require a huge team of ISAs to bully people into working with you…

Or washed-up, dinosaur tactics from the ’80s, like door-knocking, cold-calling, pop-bys and silly referral “gifts” that can leave you feeling salesy…and exhausted.

It's time for your marketing to generate sales volume.

We teach our clients scalable marketing strategies that actually work, measured by the metric that matters—sales. And we give you the support you need to build a truly successful business that scales year after year, not just an expensive hobby you need to reinvent every season, or one-off sales you can’t duplicate.

That’s why since 2012, agents in markets all across the country have chosen to work with me, doubling, tripling, quadrupling their sales volume while working fewer hours and getting back to why they got into real estate in the first place, with billions and billions in sales volume.

Welcome to real estate marketing that actually works.

Have a look around. Check out our clients’ results. Start to picture scaling your own sales volume to the top 1% of your market…even the top 1% in the nation. 

Then click below to watch our latest training about the EXACT steps we use to help our clients 4x their sales volume, 8x their sales volume, even 12x+ their sales volume, in as little as 8 weeks…without working around the clock, door-knocking, cold-calling anyone, or being sucked into time-wasting funnels, social media or videos.

To your success!

Sarah Long

And the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ Team