Get to the top 1% of your market

How to build marketing systems to sell more real estate

Get to the top 1% of your market

How to build marketing systems to sell more real estate

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How Top 1% Agents Get to the Top—and Stay There

Real estate agents—if you are facing a pipeline that keeps you up at night, you are not alone...

You got into real estate to have freedom, a great income and all the flexibility you ever wanted, while serving awesome, ideal clients with their American Dream and the largest financial transaction of their lives…

But along the way, you realized that building a successful business is not as simple as you’d thought.

There are so many out there telling agents to just keep cold-calling—even if they’re on the DNC list. Just keep posting silly videos and lists of things to do in the area. Keep running dead-end online funnels with 19 convoluted steps. Keep begging friends and family for referrals. Keep dropping ridiculous gifts and somehow become a millionaire. Just keep pushing and maybe something you do now might pay off sometime halfway into next year.

But no actual, strategic guidance on how to get ideal clients with closings NOW, and beyond.

And when your sales volume is not where you want it to be, while you’re still grinding it out every day, all the while pressured to discount your commission and duke it out against other agents…or worse, faceless companies…you know you deserve better.

With your clients’ American Dream AND your own legacy impact on the line, you know the time to act is now.

You’re the kind of agent who really cares for your clients, and you take your ethical and fiduciary responsibilities seriously. So you want to be done with people who push you to discount your commission, or who bully you into working 24/7.

And you’re ready to scale your sales volume to the top of your market…or even the top of the nation.

But getting there—and staying there without burnout—has proven to be much more difficult than you expected.

That’s where we come in.

No more washed-up, dinosaur tactics from the ’80s, like door-knocking and cold-calling, that leave you feeling both slimy…and exhausted.

Or “new” techniques like complicated Facebook advertising, social media community domination, ick-factor robo-dialers and texting, or ISAs…and don’t even get me started about the other online real estate portal that Shall Not Be Named.

After working with some of the top agents in the nation for nearly a decade, I’ve seen that there are a few key things you MUST know and do to be successful.

You need a proven strategy with marketing that generates sales volume. Period. And you need it to be a smooth, efficient system that doesn’t take all day to implement, so you can focus on the most important things—taking care of your clients and living your life.

Here’s the thing: if you are GOOD at what you do; if you operate with total integrity; if you are hard-working; if you always put your clients’ interests first; if you take your fiduciary responsibility seriously…

Then yes, you CAN do this. You can hit your goals.

You just need the RIGHT strategies and guidance.

It's time for your marketing to generate sales volume.

We teach our clients scalable marketing strategies that actually work, measured by the metric that matters—sales. And we give you the support you need to build a truly successful business that scales year after year, not just an expensive hobby you need to reinvent every season, or one-off sales you can’t duplicate.

That’s why since 2012, agents in markets all across the country have chosen to work with me, doubling, tripling, quadrupling their sales volume while working fewer hours and getting back to why they got into real estate in the first place, with billions and billions in sales volume.

Have a look around. Check out our clients’ results. Start to picture scaling your own sales volume to the top 1% of your market…even the top 1% in the nation. 

Then, click below to watch our latest training, revealing the EXACT steps we use to help our clients add even 12 ideal-client listings a week, getting as high as 12x+ their sales volume, in as little as 8 weeks…without working around the clock, door-knocking, cold-calling anyone, or being sucked into time-wasting funnels, social media or videos.

It’s just 45 minutes, for a lifetime of real estate domination.

To your success!

Sarah Long

And the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ Team