A few important things to start…

There is no such thing as a marketing emergency™.

They are fabricated and unnecessary.

I believe in the power of return on investment.

Strategize, execute, measure, rinse, repeat.

Growth hacking is simply good business.

Big growth over big budget™.

...You with me? Good. We'll get along great.

Sarah Long Marketing Strategies, LLC

Let's get real for a minute...

For the past six years, I have worked with small business owners around the world. Turning chaos into systems with order. Sound bites into copy that sells. Hapless ad spend into measurable return on investment.

I’ve experienced it myself: too many CEOs spend too much time worrying about marketing.

Are you looking at your sales numbers, wondering if that expensive ad campaign will translate into new clients?

Paralyzed with the fear of failure or rejection, too scared to try a new campaign, or speak at an event, or create a referral partner?

Or maybe you are so overworked now that the thought of those additional clients is overwhelming enough to forgo the additional income?


The constant chaos and struggle ends now.

Say it with me...

There is no such thing as a marketing emergency™.


There is no such thing as a marketing emergency™.

Whether you’ve been on the profit roller coaster for years, never sure where the books will land, or you just can’t take one more faux-mergency when the campaign becomes do-or-die…I understand.

I’ve been there.

Running marketing and biz dev strategy for multi-6-to-9-figure businesses—with astronomical results—I have learned what works…and what doesn’t. And the results speak for themselves.

Over-inflated marketing spend is a syndrome I cure on a regular basis.

Big growth over big budget™ is a basic principle of growth hacking—a basic principle of business. I get the strategy for exponential growth in place and we make things happen. Then we can talk bigger ad spend...but only if that makes sense for your business.

Others in marketing will talk about the size of the budget they managed, how the new logo is so pretty, or that you have to do it like this because it's always been this way...

Heck, no. I talk about sales numbers.

If you are tired of never knowing what to do next…if you don’t have a reliable stream of sales…if you are never present for yoga class, the kids' soccer game, or family dinner…

It’s time to learn how to manage it all, without any sense of overwhelm.

The numbers you want, the marketing department you want, the lifestyle you want. There’s no need for emergencies and out-of-control budgets.

Big ideas are what fuel my life. I am constantly pushing myself to learn and do more, every day.

It’s time for reliable, measurable ROI on your marketing.

Ready for real ROI? Let's connect today.

It's time to make your marketing work for you.