From chasing buyers endlessly to 4 listings in 4 weeks

If you feel stuck chasing buyer leads and just want more listings, you might relate to this.

Annie was tired of being stuck doing 80% buyers, burning out with all the time she had to spend.

But then, in just 4 weeks, she was able to get FOUR listings at FULL commission…even though before, she had never actually done a listing presentation, and even though “everyone” in her market was doing discount.

So how did Annie do it??

Way too many agents are pushed to get buyers, especially when they’re first starting out. And if you’re like my clients, you don’t really want to keep it that way. Most people really want to get more listings…and they have no idea how.

Annie had felt forced to chase buyers for decades, because she had no idea how to actually get listings.

The catch-22 was that with almost all her business coming from buyers, she was working around the clock.

She was spending thousands and thousands a month on online advertising. While she got some leads, a vast majority of them were unresponsive, or just kicking the tires.

With this sketchy lead gen, that meant even more time wasted driving around after already playing the “call you back faster than the other agents game,” glued to her phone.

Plus, as inventory got tighter and tighter in her market, this strategy was just not working for her anymore.

Annie knew she needed a change, NOW.

Not only did she want the freedom that comes with a business based on listings, Annie secretly knew that she wanted to build up her business so she could comfortably retire in the next ten years.

But whenever she tried to work harder, she just got more tired. Because when you’re stabbing in the dark, it can get pretty exhausting.

That’s when Annie came across me.

She’d never worked with a coach or consultant before, so she was a little nervous to get started…but she knew it was now or never.

And by her fourth week in the program, she signed FOUR listings.

And even though everyone in her area was starting to do discount as a “rule”—and the seller even initially asked her to cut her commission by a full percentage point (!)…

Annie simply said no discounting…and in Annie’s words, “They didn’t bat an eye and said OK.”


When your entire marketing strategy clearly demonstrates your expertise and value in a way your client can understand, not only do you get ideal clients you love to work with, they love to work with you, and don’t bat a lash at full commission.

Here is what Annie has to say…

No Longer a "Seat of My Pants Real Estate Agent"

Before the program I was doing 50 transactions a year—80% buyer sides. Felt very insecure listing homes. Stuck at that production—physically couldn’t imagine increasing the number of hours I spent.

With the program, my mindset completely transformed. Reframing my extensive knowledge into the seller side. Self confidence and self worth. A clear path, with actionable items, to increase listings and buyers so I can wean myself off Zillow.

What is it like to work with Sarah? She is an amazing cheer leader.

I got a listing because of the mental and knowledge preparation. Seller specifically said they went with me because of my market knowledge. Was confident enough to refuse to cut commission.

Working on defining my perfect client has been huge. I’ve wasted so much time over the last few years in a shotgun approach to getting clients. Now I’m honing in on clients who I want to work with.

The future of my business makes sense now. I have some work to do to get systems in place. BUT, I have a road map and clear actionable items.

This is my first coaching. I had reached a plateau and knew I needed help to grow. I am confident that this year is going to rock—both in production and in increased “me” time! You have to put the work in—but if you do, you will reap rewards! Go ahead and book a call with Sarah’s team!

I am excited to move from “seat of my pants real estate agent” to “Fearless Business Real Estate Broker.” Thank you!

— Annie, Real Estate Agent

So, what made the huge difference for Annie?

Now, I have no idea if you are the kind of real estate agent who will show up, get your work done, ask your questions, implement the feedback, and get the incredible results that Annie did.

But I do know that if you are a good, hard-working agent; if you take your fiduciary and ethical responsibilities seriously; if you are sick and tired of being stuck with a low-volume pipeline and you are ready to explode your business and impact even more amazing clients’ lives…

Then don’t you owe it to yourself to find out if this is the right fit for you?

On the call, we will take about 45 minutes or so to dig into where you are today, where you want to be, what is holding you back, and what it will take in your specific case to get to your pipeline goals.

If we are a fit to work together, great, then we talk about that. If not, that’s fine, too. Because frankly, it’s no fun for anyone if we’re not the right fit because results matter.

So if you’re ready to finally scale your business and hit the goals you’ve always intended to, but have just never known what to do, how to do it, and how it all fits together, book a call and fill out the short form after so you can finally end the stabbing in the dark and get the systems and strategies in place you deserve.

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