From 2 listings all year to 2 listings IN A WEEK

The year before we met, Mary had two listings all year. Then, she got two listings IN A WEEK—even though she is a busy mom and had no pipeline to speak of.

So how did she do it?

Have you noticed that it seems like only the top agents can really get great results when they work with the coaches and “gurus”?

Or that it seems like only top producers get all the attention and help from managing brokers?

You’re not alone.

But that didn’t stop Mary from completely turning her business around.

The year before, Mary had two listings...but things fizzled out after what felt like a strong start.

Her husband saw the success of the business and joined at the beginning of this year…only for them to realize that they did not have a stable pipeline.

They tried Facebook ads, and got lots of leads, but they were poor quality and were not converting, no matter how much they tried.

They tried hosting open house after open house. Even cold-calling. Bugging all their friends and family.

But nothing was working.

Her husband did NOT want to have to quit the business and get a corporate job. But to both stay in the business, they needed more clients. Fast.

They had a couple deals that were set to close in June, and beyond that, nothing.

Mary wanted to end the chaos and runaround, but didn’t know where to turn. And it wasn’t “only” about having a successful real estate business.

They wanted freedom from worry and stress about money all the time…and they really wanted to be able to put their kids into private education—and finally be able to give back to the community.

But right then, the main focus was how the heck to get clients, now.

Mary stumbled across me, and in her words, “We knew right away.”

They got into the program.

So let’s talk pure ROI. Not just “stuff that got done,” which is great, but let’s talk pure numbers. Return on investment:

By week five, they had two new accepted buyer offers…and the one closing they’d had in the pipeline.

Pressure was already off, after five short weeks, and the pipeline was already growing.

Then in week six, another accepted buyer offer...

Then, in week eight, TWO NEW SIGNED LISTINGS. AND another FIVE accepted buyer offers...

…And literally THIRTY-FIVE new potential clients that had JUST come in they hadn’t yet met with.


Here is what Mary had to say…

EXACTLY What We Were Looking For

Before we started Sarah’s program, we were literally all over the place. We had some success, but we were missing direction, focus and structure. We had an idea of what we wanted our business to look like, but didn’t know how to get there.

Sarah’s program is EXACTLY what we were looking for.

We are now focused and have a plan of exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals. Sarah’s upbeat and fun personality made going through this program so easy. Her positivity and constant encouragement helped us realize that we can do this!

It’s amazing how a few short weeks has transformed our business. Sarah’s program is like nothing else out there (trust us, we’ve tried MANY things before).

If you are looking for step-by-step direction on how to structure, organize and grow your business, you need to call Sarah today!

—Mary, Real Estate Agent

Going from two listings all last year to two listings in just a week is incredible. Not to mention the GIANT boost to their lead flow and pipeline.

Their “big challenge” from this? Scaling and hiring fast enough to meet the demand!

Imagine what that could do for your business? With just eight short weeks of work…

Here’s the thing. I can’t guarantee these results for you…but if you are ready to finally take control of your business and hit your pipeline goals, without becoming glued to your business, you are in the right place.

The problem is NOT that you need to cold-call more. It’s not that you need a bigger SOI. It’s not that you need to knock more doors. Or get a dialer. Or an ISA. Or spend more on Zillow. Or throw money at Facebook ads.

After working with the top agents in the nation for nearly a decade, I’ve seen that there are a few key things you MUST know and do to be successful.

You need a proven strategy with marketing that generates ideal-client listings and CLOSINGS. Period. And you need it to be a smooth, efficient system that doesn’t take all day to implement, so you can focus on taking care of your clients and living your life.

But if you are GOOD at what you do; if you operate with total integrity; if you are hard-working; if you always put your clients’ interests first; if you take your fiduciary responsibility seriously…

Then yes, you CAN do this. You can hit your goals.

You just need the RIGHT strategies and guidance.

I want you to succeed. I want you to win. You deserve it.

If you are ready to make your business what you know it can—and should—be, it’s time we talk.

On your Breakthrough Strategy Session, we will cover where you are, where you want to be, and if it’s a fit, how we can help you get there.

This is NOT for everyone. We only work with agents who are GOOD at what they do, and who are COMMITTED and ready to take massive action to get massive results.

If that’s you, book your strategy session today.

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