From struggling new agent facing 4 months of no sales—to finally cracking into her ideal neighborhood with a signed listing in two weeks

Michelle had only had her license for two years and was desperately struggling to find a way to make her business successful.

While she’d closed a few sales the year before, she had no idea how to duplicate that success.

It felt like it was “just luck” that she’d gotten those clients, because now, she was stuck in the trenches of a depressing, 4-month-long dry spell and she could not see a way out.

Michelle tried Zillow, Facebook, calling her sphere, passing out cards—the works. But either she got exactly zilch, or a few flimsy leads that completely flaked out.

Nothing she did was working, and the clock was running out.

She was stuck, with four months of no sales, no decent leads, and no visible path forward.

With the pressure mounting, Michelle knew she needed to do something new—now. With two kids in college, she had to make it work.

But with her current business outlook, she knew she’d have to get a job soon if she couldn’t turn it around…something she really didn’t want to face.

So Michelle started to get resourceful. She knew she needed expert guidance, and she started researching the usual suspects.

She considered some of the “gurus” of the industry. But she knew that she couldn’t waste time doing things the slow way.

She needed jet fuel to propel her business OUT of this funk and INTO the black, for starters. And then she was ready to at least double her pipeline.

Many of our clients are facing the same situation Michelle was. They know they need help, and they can’t wait a year or two for results to start trickling in.

Frankly, there is no need to wait that long.

So when Michelle found out about the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ program, she knew this was different.

Finally, someone talking about actual ROI and marketing strategy…not just feel-good activities and old-school checklists.

Michelle had everything to lose after drudging through 4 months of no sales…but she was 100% committed to hitting her goals, no holds barred—so she jumped into the program, and never looked back.

In her second week in the program, she signed a listing in the exact neighborhood she'd been dying to break into—ending the dry spell and catapulting her business to an elite new level.

Finally, the results Michelle had needed for so long! 

She was over the moon, and now set up for success not just within the program, but for years to come. Michelle was strategically building systems in her business to consistently maintain and build on her success. No more one-off wins.

Michelle was over the moon, but she did have just one regret…not doing this sooner!

I wish I would have done this from the very start of my career!

Working with Sarah has put me on the right path with mindset and strategy for my business. I am just into my third year as a licensed agent and knew I needed help. 

I was trying all of the gimmicks and next best thing on the internet with no ROI. My pipeline was not getting any larger and any leads that were coming in were no good. I was feeling like everything I was trying was what everyone else was also doing. 

I needed to set myself apart, get on a schedule/routine with my business and find what works, instead of testing my hand in everything out there with the quick and done for you method. 

Sarah helped me get a consistent, value-based marketing plan together and mindset to get the leads in my pipeline that fit with my values of who I want to work with. 

I am getting positive feedback from my new marketing and some referrals are coming in! The way I talk about and present myself is now set to a higher standard and people are responding! 

My goals for the year are truly attainable and I am feeling much more in control of my own success! 

It is worth it to book a call with Sarah! New or seasoned in this business…Sarah is terrific in helping you get your systems and marketing in place for what works today and making it represent you and your value to your clients! I wish I would have done this from the very start of my career!

— Michelle, Real Estate Agent

So, what made the huge difference for Michelle?

Being a real estate agent is so much more than just doing a great job for your clients.

Michelle consistently provided incredible value for each and every client, every step of the way, every single transaction. That is of course absolutely required to have a successful real estate business…but frankly, that’s not enough.

With the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ program, Michelle was able to get crystal clear on her unique value, how to articulate that to her ideal client avatar, AND how to attract new, ideal clients every single month with scalable strategies. No more grinding out long hours.

In fact, Michelle was able to take her kids on a lake trip to celebrate at the end of the program. Beyond “just” a successful business, THAT is what her new, strategic approach gave her—freedom and peace of mind.

What makes working with Sarah so different from other coaches, consultants and programs?

Michelle loved the hands-on guidance and completely personalized attention. This isn’t about cookie-cutter, copy-paste solutions sent out to tens of thousands of agents en masse.

This is YOU and your business we’re talking about here, so of course you need customized solutions that revolve around proven strategies for return on investment.

You need clients who understand YOUR value and are excited to work with YOU, not people who want to split your commission into smithereens.

We help you do the heavy lifting, but you have to be 100% committed and ready to show up, put in the work, face your challenges and use your critical thinking skills to build these systems in your business.

If you are prepared to work exceptionally hard—and smart—this is the best investment you can make in your business.

This isn’t “just a program,” this is about completely transforming your business—and your life—so you can grow and scale for years to come.

So if you’re facing what feels like an impossible gap between where you are and where you want to be, and you are ready to make your effort count, book a call today.

On the call, we will take about 45 minutes to cover where you are, where you want to be, and if it’s a fit, how we can help you get there.

This is not for everyone. We ONLY work with agents who have massive integrity, who work hard to get their clients great results and take their fiduciary responsibilities seriously, and who are truly committed to taking their business to the next level.

If that’s you, book a call today and fill out the form.

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