Client Case Study: QUADRUPLED Sales in 18 Months

Top 1% Nationwide Realtor

Before working with Sarah...

  • Her sales climbed algebraically each year. Over a decade, she grew her business to $13 million.
  • But there was no predictable revenue stream and she was taking whichever clients came her way.
  • She never felt like she had enough time for the lifestyle she wanted.
  • There was no system in place, and her profit per hour worked was dismally low.
  • She was ranked in the top 10% of agents in her county but wanted to level up and be ranked nationally.

Within the first 18 months together...

  • Sales nearly QUADRUPLED to annual sales of $40M+.
  • She expanded her team—but only needed to add one buyer's agent, maximizing ROI.
  • Her weeks became much more manageable, with fewer hours worked (and much more financial abundance).
  • Every aspect of her lifestyle changed: Yoga class, check. Parent day at school, check. Family dinners, check. Shopping dates with friends, check.
  • She finally made it to a national ranking...the top 1% nationwide.

Ready for real ROI?

It's time to make your marketing work for you.


"Working with Sarah Long has already proven to be a fantastic business decision. Before working with her, I was successful, but my business strategy was scattered, at best. Sarah immediately got things in control with a clear strategy based on ROI. Within the first month, she already had multiple systems in place and running, and after only one campaign, I was already getting appointments and being stopped at the grocery store! It’s fantastic to be able to trust in my business’s success, knowing I have proven sales and marketing systems running, so I can focus on what I do best. If you are thinking about working with Sarah, do it."
—Loren Dakin, Top 1% Real Estate Agent, 10 Years in a Row

"Sarah has helped me take fragmented ideas and strategies and turn them into a scalable business model. We have streamlined everything from lead gen to conversion to growing my team, and as a result I can confidently say my brokerage will grow multiple times over this coming year. Sarah’s experience means she can foresee potential issues before they even come up, and already has proven strategies on hand to handle them. I love working with Sarah and being able to rest easier knowing I have the strategic backup I need to be successful."
—Julie Moore, Broker in Charge, Founder & Owner

"I was just bragging about the great work that you showed me today. I want you to know that I really, really appreciate you and the top-notch, classy work that you are doing for me. You are a gem!"
—Val Vandervort, Top 1% Real Estate Agent

"I sure do like your assertive, reassuring approach to everything you touch."
—Bob Bedbury, Top 1% Real Estate Broker

"Sarah is wonderful to work with and has helped me in so many ways. Since starting with Sarah, I have had the confidence to break away from a team that wasn’t helping me close deals. I had been using expensive Kunversion leads, which I no longer need. I now have a marketing calendar so I can stay on track, and just did my first direct mailing, which Sarah built the strategy for and wrote. I have already grown so much with Sarah in just a few months, and I am extremely excited for what next year will bring! Working with her will be the best decision of your career."
—Debbie Lopez, Real Estate Agent

"I've recently started working with Sarah Long and amazed about how much we've already accomplished. She has helped me prioritize and refocus from what was a long, overwhelming list of marketing to-dos with strategic and actionable guidance."
—Wendy Messenger, Principal and Real Estate Agent

"Sarah is a passionate and dedicated marketing guru, with a litany of tools, strategies, and insights designed to deliver fantastic ROI while taking small businesses to the next level. However, the pleasure in working with Sarah comes not just from all of her finely-tuned expertise and experience delivering results, but also in how she is an absolute joy to work with personally."
—Jeff Leining, VP Client Services

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help! There is no way I could have done any of this without you!!!!!! I always get compliments on my marketing... and you should really be getting all the credit."
—Caroline Dinsmore, Top 1% Real Estate Agent

"Seriously... what a huge burden off of all of us!! You're great to work with :-)"
—Kat Bedbury, Top 1% Real Estate Agent

“Sarah is awesome at building systems for business to integrate sales and marketing and is laser focused on ROI—generating sales from marketing that works.”
—Brent Siegel, VP Sales

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Sarah's clients love her:

Proven, Strategic Approach

Sarah has worked with the marketing department of companies of every size, from solopreneurs running it all, to companies of 30+. Obsessed with learning, she starts and ends every day by reading the latest in business and marketing.

Motivation and Diligence

Sarah takes the time to keep her clients informed about available options, because one size does not fit all. We get you motivated and inspired...and give you reasons to stay that way.

Creativity and Analytics

Simply put, we do what works. With a passion for beautiful design and a type-A personality, these complementary aspects of Sarah's personality are a perfect match for growth strategy, managing creative projects and executing time-sensitive launches.