Big news in marketing: the FAA just announced its approval for commercial use of UAVs, or drones. Drone video marketing strategy is the next frontier.

While hobbyist use has been allowed, commercial use of drones has been specifically prohibited. Effective late August 2016, commercial drone use is permitted.

This has major implications for multiple verticals. With some expert strategy, drone video has the potential to skyrocket your marketing results and give you a huge edge over the competition.

Real estate agents’ drone video marketing strategy:

Showcase your listings with video that truly captures the essence of the property. This is especially valuable for hillside estates, equestrian properties and high-end villas.

Think about ways to add value and create your unique selling propositions.

Shoot videos that detail the different neighborhoods you serve. Drone videography sweeping above the treetops will capture the hearts of potential buyers, and locks down potential listings, because you clearly know the neighborhood and have access to elite marketing strategies and tools.

Local businesses’ drone video marketing strategy:

Your video marketing just got exponentially more interesting. Zoom over the city right to your storefront and bring the message home that you are where it’s at.

This can also be a great way to build your sphere of influence, or potential referral partners from across the area.

Want to partner up with other local businesses? This is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Throwing a local event? Get a drone videographer there to capture the magic, and with some savvy marketing strategy, you can 10x your attendance for the next event, or tap back into the magic everyone felt there and build that right into your next funnel.

Entrepreneurs’ drone video marketing strategy:

This just opened the floodgates for what Inc. reports is an $82 billion market that can create 100,000 jobs. While you’re at it, use this new mode of video to show your global presence, your speed and agility…the possibilities are endless.

There could not be a better time to plug video into your marketing strategy. Drones have unlocked the next phase of marketing strategy, and it’s time to take massive action to get massive results.

Lock down your market dominance before another savvy business owner does, and get your message seen and heard.

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