Not too long ago, growth hacking started to emerge in marketing lingo.

Born from the startup world’s desire for successful marketing efforts with a savvy strategist at the helm, rather than throwing money at everything, growth hacking has become a buzzword.

But the truth is, growth hacking is simply good business.

There is no reason to throw away money on campaign after campaign and rebrand after rebrand when you can’t prove ROI.

Do you know where your clients are coming from? Do you know which ad campaigns worked the best, and what the costs boiled down to?

That is good business…that is growth hacking.

Let’s get to this big growth over big budget™ concept. The idea is pretty basic. Do what works.

I see so many business owners doing things because someone else told them it was a good idea, or because “we’ve always done it this way.”

You want different results, get a different approach. One that works.

We start by analyzing how your dream clients are actually finding you, and the costs there. Strategize, execute, measure, rinse, repeat.

Take a look at the greats in marketing. Do you think they spent millions on campaigns right off the bat?

Take a feather from their cap and one, see what you can do better yourself, and two, what you can learn from their successes and failures.

The biggest hang-up in marketing is all too often the leader getting caught up in the “but we always” stories.

How can we get off that merry-go-round to nowhere fast?

The best way to break the cycle is to take a step back, make a plan of everything to accomplish—yes, a year’s worth of a plan—and then take a look at what has been working, what hasn’t, and why for both.

Without real marketing ROI, you might as well be giving away your advertising money.

It is high time you jumped on the growth hacking—better business—bandwagon.

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