How would you like to skyrocket your sales volume?

For many agents, going from a “good” agent to a “superstar” agent doesn’t have to be that much of a stretch.

Of course, there is a fair amount of hard work and talent that goes into it…but what really makes the top 10%, the top 1% of agents the “superstars” they are?

Solid business strategy.

Agents who get to the top—and stay there—can do that because they aren’t just stabbing in the dark. They know what to do…and what to do next.

Maybe you can get a lead from making cold calls to lists of expireds…

But can you really scale that?

You want to have a scalable, proven model for success.

A system that helps you find more ideal clients. Clients who understand your value. Who appreciate your expertise. Who refer you to even more ideal clients.

One of the first steps I take with real estate agents when they start with me is something so basic in business, yet not one agent I have ever worked with had it in place before they started working with me.

This basic tenet of business?

Create an annual marketing calendar…with strategies that actually work.

An effective annual marketing calendar isn’t an oversized to-do list. It’s a strategic, ROI-based system of best practices.

It takes the guesswork out of scaling your business…

And, done right, you can take care of 3 different kinds of marketing with one activity.

Develop a marketing calendar that actually goes to work for your business and you can end the “marketing emergencies” and get your marketing on a path to measurable ROI.

Learn how my clients are getting 2x, 4x, 12x, even 28x the sales volume on our latest masterclass.

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