I’ve heard it a million times. The, “But I don’t have time” speech from clients who can’t seem to break the next financial barrier to success.

We’ve all seen the memes…

You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé

But let’s be real. You might not have an assistant for every single activity of the day…yet. So how can you level up to running your empire and living the lifestyle you want?

I worked on this concept extensively with my client.

She could see the value of all the marketing and business development we had planned, but before we dove in, she expressed a concern that is nearly universal among CEOs and business owners on the cusp of something great.

“How will I have time for it all?”

The answer? Chunking time.

Chunking time by grouping related activities together allows you to be more productive. That means you crank out similar things all at once, no interruptions.

Get all your copy for that email campaign out, bang bang bang.

Redesign your presentation, boom boom boom.

No email or Skype—quit your apps. No texting or phone calls—put your phone in airplane mode.

The next step is blocking time.

Blocking time is about committing to your calendar and sticking to it.

For example, putting a 3-hour block on your calendar for writing copy (and then chunking it together so you can keep the same frame of mind).

Another important block? Non-work activities.

This was clutch for my client’s success. As an in-demand real estate agent with some killer marketing bringing in hot lead after hot lead, she felt like in order to be successful, she needed to be glued to her cell phone.

A two-hour block for that hot yoga class and a shower afterward works wonders. A client wants to meet right then? You don’t have to tell them, “no,” you can tell them, “I can meet you at 6.”

Don’t let fears and distractions dictate your schedule, or you will burn out.

It’s time to make the time for progress by chunking and blocking your days. This keeps you out of overwhelm and in the present of focusing on the next steps toward your goals.

Make the time to be successful.

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