If you’re like most of my clients when they first start working with me, you would love to have more highly qualified leads coming into your business and closing right now.

But fast forward a few months…

Wouldn’t you like to end the mad scramble between marketing and sales to find, target and close more high-quality leads?

According to data from Nielsen, with a well-targeted marketing campaign, there is only 2%-3% of your target market that has a need, knows it, and is actively looking for a solution right now.

For most real estate agents, it looks something like this:

  • Desperate cold calls on FSBOs and expireds (who’s up for an angry earful?)
  • Door-knocking (really, in this day and age?)
  • Sending out direct mail that goes right in the trash
  • Running ads on sites with banners, with no real plan of how to actually get a lead from that
  • Boosting posts on Facebook to “build your brand”
  • Hosting others’ open houses (good for new agents with more time than resources, but let’s be real, this takes a lot of time)
  • Paying premiums for leads from expensive sites (if the “lead” even gave you real contact info)
  • Cobbling together 20 different programs sold to you by overpriced companies (and you still don’t own the site at the end of the day)

This all adds up to wasted time and money.

I’m taking a stand and calling it like it is: “marketing companies” who push these “solutions” are stealing your money and your ROI.

Chasing leads that don’t want to talk to you and piecing together garbage systems puts you in a commodity position: you are just like every other agent, and now you’re competing on price…and giving real estate agents a bad rap.

If you instead want to be known as an expert in your market…if you want to be connecting with leads who already like you for who you are…if you want to be in control of your lead gen process…

It’s time to flip the script on your lead gen strategies.

Stop going after just the 2%-3% of the market that is looking for immediate help.

Start going after more ideal clients that are going to be ready in 3-6 months…or 1-2 years.

There is an additional 7% of the market that has a need and knows it, but hasn’t started looking for a solution yet. Those are the people who will want to buy or sell over the next few months.

Get in front of them consistently, stay top of mind, and build your know/like/trust factor…and who do you think will win their business?

Then there is another 30% of the market that has a need but hasn’t even acknowledged it yet, let alone started looking.

Nurturing this group of leads is how you go from an emergency mindset, always “busy” finding clients, to a pipeline that is perpetually refilling with ease.

Going from a 2% market grab to a 40% market grab means a 95% increase in ROI.

That is the key to unlocking your sales volume potential.

Are you ready to explode your business?

Learn how my clients are getting 2x, 4x, 12x, even 28x the sales volume on our latest masterclass.

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