Get to know the executive team behind the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ system

Sarah Long

Founder and Principal

Sarah is the founder of Sarah Long Marketing Strategies, LLC and the creator of the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ system.

Over the past 8+ years, she has helped take real estate agents to the top 1% nationwide, doubling, tripling and quadrupling their sales volume, with double digits of agents ranked on The Thousand as advertised in The Wall Street Journal, and billions and billions in sales volume.

David Long

Director of Client Operations

David has worked with multiple enterprise tech companies on their sales and client management departments, streamlining systems and maximizing clients’ profits. He brings almost a decade of experience in tech and operations. David makes everything behind the scenes run smoothly, ensuring each client’s experience is exceptional.

Justin Kiehl

Copy and Strategy Coach

Justin has helped dozens of business owners transform their marketing results by pinpointing the right audience with clear and attractive messaging. 

With experience in strategy, copywriting, campaign management, and branding, Justin helps our clients attract and convert their ideal clients.

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