Get to know the team behind the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ system

Sarah Long


Sarah is the founder of Sarah Long Marketing Strategies, LLC and the creator of the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ system. She has over a decade of experience working with real estate agents on their marketing to create a pipeline of ideal-client listings.

Sarah is known for her combination of being your #1 cheerleader and lovingly pulling no punches, so our clients can build the critical thinking skills, negotiation power and customized strategy they need to have the life and business they got into real estate to have in the first place.

Cristina Ramirez

Mindset Coach

Cristina brings decades of experience in business, coaching, sales and mindset, and is driven to help our clients create their own success. She helps our clients examine beliefs and habits while creating ways to be consistently empowered by discomfort. Cristina is known for her ability to lovingly call BS, support you as you get things trending in the right direction, and redefine what’s possible for yourself, your family and your community.

Alexa Taylor​​

Copy and Strategy Coach

Alexa is a copywriting and marketing strategy expert. She helps our clients create customized marketing to strategically bring in ideal-client listings. Alexa is known for her speed, calmness, and attention to detail, so our clients can confidently build a solid marketing foundation to create the client pipeline they deserve.

Jody Wolf

Director of Operations

Jody directs operations—with certainty and kindness every day. Jody is known for doing what she says and going above and beyond. She helps our entire team serve at the highest level to ensure our client experience is excellent, supporting clients’ program operations as they navigate building their client pipeline.

Sarena Manning

Sales Manager

Sarena leads our team with heart and truly makes every day fun. After going through the Sales Volume Marketing Machine™ program with her partner and ending up with a nearly overwhelming number of transactions within a month of completing the program, she realized she loved real estate but didn’t really want to do contract-to-close anymore. Sarena became a Breakthrough Coach here to help more agents be able to change their lives and businesses while her partner continues to run their real estate business, and is now our Sales Manager.

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