Whenever I start working with a new client, they want to know…

“What is the quickest path to 4x my sales volume?”

Usually, they ask it in a roundabout way, but once we cut through to the core of the matter, that’s what it boils down to.

The answer is simple, but the solution isn’t easy.

It’s not just hard work, though that certainly plays a role.

It’s not just taking massive action.

And it’s definitely not working around the clock.

The quickest path to 4x’ing your sales volume is to build your know/like/trust factor.

When people know, like and trust you, you are the clear choice.

Working with you becomes a no-brainer, not just an option.

So how do you go about building know/like/trust?

By consistently providing massive value.

And by being the expert your ideal client needs.

When your ideal clients know you, like you and trust you, your sales volume will skyrocket.

Make it easy for your ideal client to do so, and you will find that is becomes a lot easier to grow your business.

Systematizing and streamlining these processes are what differentiate the “good” agents from the “rock star” agents.

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