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Note: Our clients are amazing people, and amazing real estate agents. They take their ethical and fiduciary responsibilities seriously. They work smart, and they work hard to achieve and maintain their incredible results.
These are all real clients, who showed up like they meant it and got their work done. No one is ever compensated in any way for these testimonials. We have not independently verified these results.

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From 9 Days with a License to 5 Listings

If you know you want more ideal-client listings…but you don’t want to do it with cold calling and door knocking, you are not alone.

Niki had her real estate license for just 9 days before she contacted me. She knew she didn’t want to do it the way “everyone” says you need to as a new agent–she didn’t want to cold call or door knock, or be on a mega team. But other than that, she didn’t know what to do to get clients.

Niki dove right in and did the work. From the strategies we teach, with the first email Niki sent, she got 3 leads. 

And right after graduating from the program, she has already signed one listing, got it into contract, and closed it, has another signed listing agreement, and three more coming up within a week. That’s five ideal-client listings as a brand-new agent.

If you want to know how she did it, don’t miss my one-on-one conversation with this amazing agent!

From Constant Discounting to 14 Listings in a Week—at the Full Commission She Wanted to Charge

Gabrielle was voted The Best Realtor in Middle Tennessee by the Tennessean Newspaper last year, but she was still feeling the crunch. She was only making a third of the commission she knew she could—and should—and was driving 60,000 miles a year chasing leads all over the state.
But in less than two short months of focused work, Gabrielle went from chaos to 14 signed listings in just one week, with ideal clients in her direct target area. Now, she is consistently scaling her business, and working less while making more, and taking care of herself.

From 3 Transactions EVER to a Pipeline of 12 in Just 8 Weeks

Feeling lost is one thing…but staying there is another. Starlite had big dreams for her real estate business. She walked away from her 9-to-5 job to start working full-time as an agent. But something wasn’t working.

She didn’t know how to market herself or where to find ideal client leads. Everywhere she turned there was another marketing tactic to try. She was tired of looking at all the shiny things and feeling like she was spinning her wheels and wasting time and money.

But it wasn’t until she found our program and got clear on her ideal client avatar—and got her MINDSET right—that she started attracting qualified leads that easily understood her expert value.

In Starlite’s words, our simplified marketing system “took the stress out of the whole journey.”

Watch our conversation below to hear how Starlite went from only 3 transactions closed EVER to 12 in her pipeline in just 8 weeks!

From Stressed in the Top 10% of the Market…to Systems and 75% Listings

If you’ve found yourself feeling like you’re scrambling for business…even with nearly three decades in the business, and tons of closed volume…this is for you.

Joan found us after nearly three decades as a successful agent in her market. She had always had the sales thanks to her amazing sphere of influence and excellent reputation…but when things started to falter, she wanted to have a proven plan.

She even called herself “inherently noncompliant” because she had worked hard in her 27+ years and was always in the top 10% of her market. So Joan only wanted to do what worked.

And in just 8 weeks of hard, focused work, Joan went from feeling massive pressure, and wishing her 50% listings, 50% buyers business was less buyer-heavy…

To a 75% listings business, winning every listing, and the peace of mind she’d always wanted.

If you’re ready to get systems in place in your business, too, this is an interview you can’t miss.

From Maternity Leave to 2 Listing Appointments in Less Than 90 Days...

Are you a real estate agent craving consistent deal flow after taking time off? Well, Marcia found herself in a similar situation. After going on maternity leave, she wanted to re-enter the workplace, but didn’t know how to market herself in a way that made sense—allowing her to juggle her role as a mom and an agent.

She tried various real estate marketing “strategies,” but nothing provided a cohesive and intuitive approach. With her degree in marketing, our approach made sense to her. She saw the simplicity of the SVMM system and knew that she could easily rinse and repeat it.

On her second marketing piece, Marcia received not one, but two calls for listing appointments!

Marcia’s biggest “why?” The desire to be a present and engaged mother while building a successful real estate career. With our program, she found the perfect balance.

Watch our one-on-one below to hear Marcia share her firsthand experience and discover what can happen when you bet on yourself and embrace a comprehensive marketing system that works. 

From 9-to-5 Job to Full-time Agent with Routine Lead Flow!

Are you juggling a full-time job while you dream of building a thriving real estate business? Meet Shari, who faced a similar challenge.

Working a demanding 9-to-5 job, she wondered if she could successfully go full-time in real estate.

As a part-time agent, Shari felt stuck in her business after relocating from California to Arizona. Learning a whole new market and starting without clients seemed like an uphill battle. But she had a clear goal in mind: Become a listing agent. Not just a buyer’s agent.

Not long after joining SVMM, Shari escaped her 9-to-5. On her very first day of being full-time, she received a new lead from her very first marketing piece created through our program. With three leads and one sale, Shari hit the ground running.

If you’re ready to take the leap, hear Shari’s inspiring journey firsthand. Watch our one-on-one video, where she shares her experience and reveals how SVMM helped her transition from her 9-to-5 job.

From Stuck Real Estate Agent to Ideal Clients on Repeat

Elaine has been in real estate for 35 years and has always done well with her transaction volume, but with the chaos of the past few years and ultra-low inventory, she was feeling very stuck. She’d always relied on her sphere of influence and referrals to get by, but it became clear that was not working anymore.

Now, Elaine is generating ideal clients—and CLOSINGS—on a weekly basis, with systems in place, a team to run them, while taking fun family vacations.

From Scattered Business to Consistent and Capped

Nicole has been in real estate for almost a decade and loves what she does, but the lack of consistency was killing her. She spent months researching all the different real estate coaches because she knew she wanted something different. Nicole wanted ideal client listings, and she wanted to be able to scale her business without working around the clock—but most importantly, she wanted a coach who cared about doing what is right.

And in just eight weeks of focused efforts, Nicole went from feeling completely scattered, to now multiple ideal-client listings every month. She capped at her brokerage and is now in the top two agents, and she is working with ideal clients at full commission.


Case Study: Michelle

Michelle had two years in the business—and two boys in college. With zero sales for four months straight and no ROI from her marketing dollars, she knew she needed strategic guidance. Her second week in the program, she signed a listing in the neighborhood she’d been dying to break into. And then the referrals started coming in. 

Case Study: Mary

Mary had only gotten two listings in an entire year, working around the clock and trying everything. Then, she got two listings IN A WEEK—even though she is a busy mom and had no pipeline to speak of.

Create the Client Pipeline You Deserve

Case Study: Rachel

After her most successful year in real estate, even setting a record sale price in her city, Rachel suddenly found her pipeline bone dry and going nowhere. After a 6-month dry spell, she turned it all around in just one week in the program, with a 7-day closing.

Case Study: Annie

Annie was burning out doing 80% buyers, exhausted with the chase.

But then, in just 4 weeks, she was able to get FOUR listings at FULL commission…even though before, she had never actually done a listing presentation, and even though “everyone” in her market was doing discount.

14 Listings Out of the Gate in My Target Area

When I first heard the intro video for Sarah Long, I knew it was calling my name. I had totally devalued my worth to my clients and didn’t know how to be “one of those agent” who proudly charges full price, adds on for admins and photography and gets to take some time off instead of working round the clock for pennies.

Admittedly, this program started out being really hard because it made me dig really deep in to what my ideal business should look like vs. what are you doing now, because clearly that wasn’t working. What I thought was going to be my target audience, ended up to be completely wrong! Wow, I found my happy place. I had a lot of logo work, etc. but Sarah helped me revamp the website I was so frustrated with by giving me a wonderful recommendation, and helped turn what I did have in to beautiful, professional marketing material for both buyers and sellers.

Don’t be scared if you don’t have any logos or marketing material because Sarah has THE BEST people for you to work with to get it done. I mailed my first fabulous newsletter (do the 11×17-go big or go home!) and I got a call like within a day or two! Holy cow!

I call it the Magical Sarah Sauce. She really knows what she is doing and this won’t be like anything you have ever heard or done before, which is what we all need because people are so tired of seeing the same old same old from Realtors.

Out of the gate I got 14 listings in my target area, some of which produced buyers too. It was like a fire hydrant! And, best of all, I had the courage to charge full price AND add the additional fees. I can’t tell you how great that felt.

Now I find myself telling other agents not to sell themselves short. They are worth it, and so are you! So definitely, definitely book your call with Sarah now. You will not be sorry. Everyone I have dealt with is professional, kind and super knowledgeable.

If you are ready to be the best version of you as a Realtor, then you need to call now!

—Gabrielle, Real Estate Agent

Much-Needed Discipline, Structure and Fantastic Targeted Marketing

I have been in the real estate business for over 35 years! My business was good and I did what they call a “sprinkling” of advertising. Literally everything from internet ads, emailing newsletters (automatic) monthly column in town newspaper, post cards, social media -auto posting. I really couldn’t tell what worked. My ads were generic and the usual.

I had talked with 2-3 other coaching companies over the past few years and nothing they said sounded compelling or different. When I read Sarah’s post I was keenly interested.

Combining mindset work and scaleability, this was exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t articulate. Her program really spoke to me.

Sarah has a proven method and offers endless support, help and direction. Haven’t missed a weekly call yet with 20 or so agents sharing wins and successes over the past week and our questions!

Excellent program and so happy I made such a great decision.

The issue that I had was after so many years I was very lackadaisical, waiting for referrals to show up from my sphere and internet leads. I did wonder why I never got any “new” business from all the advertising I was doing. I also needed a kick in the pants to get serious about planning out my business instead of just letting it happen. I needed something.

For me, the much needed discipline, structure and the fantastic targeted marketing is all making such a difference. Her approach is like no other and the agent community is fantastic!

After mailing my first market report, I immediately got a call about listing a home. Within a week it was listed and sold $905,000. This works!

Combining the business I have and the new methods of marketing directly resulting from this program, I am sure I will reach my goal this year and hit my 5 year goal as well.

I haven’t felt this energized in many years.

Sarah stands apart from all the other programs that talk about ways to increase your business. I have heard those same methods over and over again for years… no cold calling here!

Call Sarah today and don’t waste any more time. With the difficult, current lack of inventory we are all experiencing, now is the time to set yourself apart and make the difference with your business and your success.

—Elaine, Real Estate Agent

One of the Best Decisions for My Business

Signing up the the Sales Volume Marketing Machine course was one of if not the best decisions I could have made for my business! I have learned so much not only about my business but about myself. Sarah helped me to get my business to a place where I feel organized, confident, and proud of what it is and how I am marketing myself. They helped with everything from choosing a better headshot, better use of my time, staying organized, and getting excited about what I am doing. I am now starting off 2021 excited to see where I am going and how high I will soar once I am there. I encourage anyone actually everyone to book a call with Sarah right now! It’s a call you will not regret making!

—Bonnie, Broker Agent

After Only Week 2 - So Many Wonderful Ideal Clients

I had been looking for a sales coach for quite a while when I found Sarah. From our first conversation I instinctively knew her program was exactly what I had been looking for! I am a successful, seasoned agent who was frankly burned out from trying to serve everyone with many inefficiencies.

Sarah provides so much direction when it comes to identifying and honing in on not only who you are as a sales person but equally important who you want to work with as clients in real estate.

After only week 2 in the program I was working with so many wonderful ideal clients I became highly motivated again and happily re-energized with my real estate business.

The attribute I found most appealing with Sarah’s system is that it focuses on helping you become the best version of yourself while making your business become the best it can be – it takes what you do and makes it better.

I have found other sales coaching programs provide you with scripts, my-way-or-highway themed ideas, and what other people did that made them successful – Sarah’s program is like a coloring book – the framework is there but you get to choose the best colors for you. Everyone is different and that is respected (and encouraged!) in Sarah’s program.

I am so glad I made the decision to learn from Sarah!!

—Lynda, Real Estate Agent

EXACTLY What We Were Looking For

Before we started Sarah’s program, we were literally all over the place. We had some success, but we were missing direction, focus and structure. We had an idea of what we wanted our business to look like, but didn’t know how to get there.

Sarah’s program is EXACTLY what we were looking for.

We are now focused and have a plan of exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals. Sarah’s upbeat and fun personality made going through this program so easy. Her positivity and constant encouragement helped us realize that we can do this!

It’s amazing how a few short weeks has transformed our business. Sarah’s program is like nothing else out there (trust us, we’ve tried MANY things before).

If you are looking for step-by-step direction on how to structure, organize and grow your business, you need to call Sarah today!

—Mary, Real Estate Agent

Everything is Covered and Actionable

The biggest thing I got out of Sarah’s program is a comprehensive plan of action to ensure my marketing is on track. Everything from lead gen to follow up is covered in a way that makes sense. When you are finished with this program, you have the tools to action upon, not just a few ideas and scattered notes. Real actionable items that you can use to implement in your business! Add to that the support through mindset coaching, copywriting support, and valuable connections.

—Cara, Real Estate Agent

Now I Know I Can Achieve My Goals

Before starting the program I had been successful but my business was really lacking a vision and a plan. I knew where I wanted to go with my business but could not get clear on how to make it happen. In real estate especially there is so much “noise” of the latest and greatest lead generation platforms but I knew in my gut that those were not the right fit for me.

This program was worth every penny!! I now have a clear plan and steps of how to implement. Everything is measurable. Also, during the program I experience a HUGE mindset shift which I truly attribute to the successes I enjoyed.

In one week I received 4 referrals, I put a property into contract finally which was not getting any traction after many months and I started attracting more and more of my ideal clients.

When I started the program I was cautiously optimistic about reaching my sales goal of 11 million this year, now I know I can achieve that number.

—Margaret, Real Estate Agent

I Knew There Was a Better Way

To be honest, my real estate practice was not where it should have been before I joined the coaching with Sarah. I was chasing leads and using the traditional way of obtaining leads as I was taught. Practicing at 15 years of real estate I knew there was a better way. I wanted to pick and choose who my ideal client was going to be. I learned how to do that through this program. I now have a strong path and vision forward and I will dominate my market!

Some of my favorite lessons from this program are the way Sarah instilled the confidence in me that I knew I had but just brought it out in a better way! Another is learning to implement the programs directives so that I will get the results I deserve. Lesson 3 and 7 were my favorites.

Because there was this crazy pandemic that started when I joined 1 week later, I have not been able to see any actual results because my state, NY is and remains in a complete lock down, we Realtors will begin to resume our work in another month. I sent out my first mailing, I am certain I will see tremendous results from it. My practice will soar and while I will remain consistent with my lead gen events, mailings and all that I learned.

Some other coaching systems offer the traditional way to obtain leads. They don’t have a solid foundation as this one does. They don’t require you to do and implement this type of work so that you can get good results.

I would highly recommend that any Realtor who is looking to dominate and scale their business go through this coaching program. They will receive tremendous support and encouragement from Sarah as our success is truly her success of the coaching.

Furthermore I would just like to add that Sarah is a genuine person who is very experienced in our business of real estate. She is ethical and sincerely want everyone in the program to succeed. She is kind and smart and her resources in the program are top notch. I truly appreciated that so very much!

—Lenore, Real Estate Agent

From No Pipeline to 4 Closings in 8 Weeks

Working with Sarah was a great experience. Our business was very inconsistent and we were marketing to a very large geographical area. Sarah helped us focus our efforts down to a smaller, more targeted audience.

She also helped us put systems in place to be more consistent as we move forward. And the marketing we do now is extremely professional and helps us stand out from our competition.

During the program, we closed 3 transactions and have another one closing soon.

With Sarah’s help, we have turned things around and now look forward to scaling and growing our business.

—Casey, Real Estate Agent

Marketing strategy in place...I got so much more than that

Before working with Sarah I was only relying on my referrals and was working mostly buyers. I did not have any marketing systems in place and was not feeling good about the uncertainty this produces. That is why I joined Sarah’s program, so I can get a marketing strategy in place.

I got much more than that, Sarah’s systems help you build your business in the long run and be able to keep growing consistently year after year. This program is also key to give you the right attitude and mindset to approach these changes and Sarah is always there for you.

I was doing 4 or 5 transactions a year and now I am expecting to more than double that at a higher price point per deal the 1st year alone. If you need to make a change in your business, Sarah is the one for that so give her a call and you won’t regret it.

—Jorge, Real Estate Agent

Proven Ways of Attracting Exceptional Clients

I was constantly running around doing busywork for unmotivated internet leads. I was working so hard and was looking for a solution. When I started working with Sarah, I learned new techniques for business growth that don’t include pushy cold calls and bad internet leads. Sarah’s systems establish client trust. A perfect way to keep growing my business by being seen as a professional in my area, rather than a pushy Realtor who is only interested in the paycheck at the end. Sarah’s outstanding positive encouragement and her marketing expertise has changed my whole outlook about my business. I am working with clients I enjoy, and have learned proven ways of attracting exceptional clients. If you are ready for a complete makeover for your business, give Sarah a call today. You will not be disappointed.

—Margie, Real Estate Agent




My brochure started landing in mailboxes today and I GOT A REQUEST FOR A 15-MIN CONSULT! OMG!

I’m SO excited! ALL THE BEST!

—Pam, Real Estate Agent

Double the Monthly Transactions in 8 Weeks

Sarah’s 8-week program was exactly what I needed to get a fresh outlook and boost for my business.

Sarah’s energy, positive outlook and mindset are contagious and her program does not only focus on the steps necessary to build and grow your business but she also drives home how important visualization and mindset are.

I’m a single agent doing 2 to 4 deals a month on average. This month (August 2019) I’m closing 7 deals and I now have a roadmap and the tools that will help me to grow my business further without the dreaded door knocking and cold calling.

—Petra, Real Estate Agent

Differentiated from "All the Other Agents"

Throw in the towel or ramp up? Not one to up and quit; nevertheless, very discouraged, I happened upon Sarah’s engaging promo video, spoke with her team—who took the time to listen to my concerns instead of trying to “sell” me— and my decision became easy. Ramp up!

The course gave me the strategic path and concrete steps I needed to differentiate my business model from “all the other agents.” From the very first lesson, Sarah’s strategy was a confidence builder!

Just having finished the course, I find it easy to speak about my business because I now know my market so much better. I have focus, not only on my daily, weekly, monthly, and long range plans and tasks, but on my ideal clients and client areas.

The two market reports I have sent out, created during the course with exceptional editing, have gotten my neighbors talking and led to inquiries from locals and an out of state buyer.

I have enrolled in Legacy League, the follow up coaching program for course graduates, and am very impressed with the content and mindset coaching.

My lucky day was watching Sarah’s video. My win was taking the steps to join her strategic marketing course. I highly recommend Sarah Long Marketing!

—Andrea, Real Estate Agent

Fresh New Outlook

Thank you Sarah! I totally enjoyed working with you to not only help me develop and streamline my marketing for my business but for also educating me on the importance of consistent mindset awareness to celebrate daily wins before they even happen! You are very good at what you do and I can’t wait to see the results as I fine tune and implement the many strategies you taught me! I feel like the eight weeks flew by but I have learned so much and with your help have a fresh new outlook on my approach to business.

—Christine, Real Estate Agent

Proven Tactics and ROI

Working with Sarah has been transformative. While I have experience in marketing, the perspective she provided on tailoring my marketing skills to real estate was invaluable. Before I started working with Sarah, I had worked with another coach, taken agency training and tried every type of lead generation tool out there. I did Facebook ads, made videos and newsletters. I also tried efforts focused on FSBOs and expireds. I basically threw a lot of spaghetti on the wall, and hoped it would stick. It didn’t.

I had a million questions and wanted specific guidance. I wanted to know which tactics were proven to work and delivered ROI. Sarah, had all of that knowledge from working with the top agents in the country. She provided such specific information about how to develop a client avatar, the type of marketing tools to develop, how to engage clients and truly position myself as an expert.

I held my first event, following her exact plan and had 14 people attend and got a lead that night. When I met with the lead for the listing appointment, I breezed through the presentation that Sarah helped me develop. But, it was just the icing on the cake, between the event and then my Shock & Awe package they told me they had already decided they wanted to work with me. Then they loved my Welcome Kit.

Sarah teaches you how to market to and attract your ideal clients (people you want to work with). I feel as if I have an entirely new direction for my business and I can’t wait for the coming year. If you are looking to get your business organized with branding and systems that will serve you for years to come, I highly recommend you work with Sarah.

—Janene, Real Estate Agent

Clear, Simple Path to Victory

When I first learned of Sarah I was a little apprehensive, however, she said something in our initial phone conversation that really intrigued me. She talked a lot about some of the things I had been working on, which was good because everything seemed similar, but the magic words from Sarah (paraphrased) were, “I needed to get rid of the junk in my head” since I felt overwhelmed. I felt like I was pulled in every different direction trying to learn how to market me and I couldn’t complete anything. So for the first time, I felt like someone might be able to help.

I still was a little resistant at first and thinking of changing my business model, but within a couple weeks I was loving how clear every lesson was and it was great because it was building on what I was already trying to do, but in a better way getting rid of the junk and stuff that does not work and giving me a clear simple path to victory!

A little background: I have been in business for over 14 years and followed the Buffini way with a 94% repeat/referral-based business and never marketed myself other than to my sphere since 2004. I have noticed a change in business recently due to the shortage of inventory and the way younger generations handle referrals. I had been coached by Buffini, Core Training, Storybrand, et cetera; although I learned some really good things from them I was still missing something and Sarah has provided what I really needed. She made it easy to stop some of the things I was paying for unnecessarily.

I am excited to continue Sarah’s plan and see how much my business grows over the next year. If you’re overwhelmed, call Sarah. I promise she can help!

—Geena, Real Estate Broker-Owner

No Longer a "Seat of My Pants Real Estate Agent"

Before the program I was doing 50 transactions a year—80% buyer sides. Felt very insecure listing homes. Stuck at that production—physically couldn’t imagine increasing the number of hours I spent.

With the program, my mindset completely transformed. Reframing my extensive knowledge into the seller side. Self confidence and self worth. A clear path, with actionable items, to increase listings and buyers so I can wean myself off Zillow.

What is it like to work with Sarah? She is an amazing cheer leader.

I got a listing because of the mental and knowledge preparation. Seller specifically said they went with me because of my market knowledge. Was confident enough to refuse to cut commission.

Working on defining my perfect client has been huge. I’ve wasted so much time over the last few years in a shotgun approach to getting clients. Now I’m honing in on clients who I want to work with.

The future of my business makes sense now. I have some work to do to get systems in place. BUT, I have a road map and clear actionable items.

This is my first coaching. I had reached a plateau and knew I needed help to grow. I am confident that this year is going to rock—both in production and in increased “me” time! You have to put the work in—but if you do, you will reap rewards! Go ahead and book a call with Sarah’s team!

I am excited to move from “seat of my pants real estate agent” to “Fearless Business Real Estate Broker.” Thank you!

— Annie, Real Estate Agent

Now I Have An Integrated Business Plan

Before, my business was disjointed—uncoordinated. The whole business was piecemeal. I knew I had to do different things, but I was reactive, and not proactive. Now I have an integrated business plan that logically ties in everything I need to do in order.

Sarah is really easy to work with and pure pleasure. Consistent, organized and knowledgable.

After the 2nd mailer that went out, I won a listing because of it. They had that mailer in front of them and said that was one of the reasons they contacted me.

Now, I have a finger on the pulse of my business. Never before could I see what my year was going to look like. Without the consistency, I wouldn’t have an idea of what’s happening in my business.

I’ve only done one other program, where I felt there was no personalization and absolutely no one on ones, and had zero results. Sarah—you were also willing to call bull**** and tell me where my thinking needed to be adjusted. This one thing was so amazingly helpful.

— Vito, Real Estate Broker-Owner

Very Clear Path

There’s a lot of noise in the market! Every time you turn around there’s another service, another technique, another program you should use, etc. Sarah’s approach really appealed to me. Although I still have a bit of work cut out to get all the systems in place, I have a very clear path of what to do, why it works, and how to do it. I am really looking forward to having a streamlined course of action month after month.

— Micki, Real Estate Agent

The Best Choice for Me

I am new to the business and I was searching for a program that will help me focus on the most important aspects of ramping up my activities that develop the habits necessary to generate brand recognition as well as potential clients.

I found SVMM to be the best choice for me to have a well-defined, methodical, and proven process to get me laser focused on these habits that will produce the kind of clientele I seek within the luxury market. I am now poised to go after that segment of the market in a thoughtful and direct way.

I encourage anyone looking to take their real estate career to the next level to reach out to Sarah and investigate what SVMM can to do for you to achieve your best self while growing your business.

— Ken, Real Estate Agent

Nothing Like the Dated Real Estate Practices

When I found Sarah’s coaching program, I knew right away it was what I was looking for. I wanted tested methods for marketing and to build a foundation for my business.

The client engagement and prospecting tactics were nothing like that of the dated real estate practices we all know; it is hard work but it’s sustainable. It’s the Pareto method at it’s best!

She helps you identify your 20% and build an approach that makes them 80% of your energies!

— Erica, Real Estate Agent

Tried and True Systems

We have successfully been in real estate for 21 years so the majority of our business is referral. We wanted coaching that would teach us tried-and-true systems to reach the “un-met” sellers and buyers without wasting money with a lot of false starts and that’s exactly what we got!

This program isn’t for the faint of heart so if you’re really willing to do the work and finish with some stellar marketing pieces and systems, call Sarah Long now! She is an excellent coach and their support staff is excellent. We feel so good about where we are at now and where we are headed! It’s a no-brainer for us! Call Sarah today!

— Ron and Colleen, Real Estate Agents

Next Level After 30+ Years

I have been in real estate for 30+ years and do well but wanted to go to the next level. Sarah was awesome. Lots of information in regards to how to generate leads and clients and turn them into deals. Also how to have good marketing pieces to make you look professional and stand out. It doesn’t stop there as she has mindset coaching and a marketing expert who works with you to customize your work, help you develop your new marketing pieces and tweak it for you so it comes out perfect. I am now ready to take what I have developed and learned to the market place with much optimism. I would encourage you to check this out and move to the next level in your career.

— Tim, Broker Agent

Nobody Else Teaches This Wonderful System

Sarah Long has helped me to get the systems in place that I did not have before. Real Estate Agents/Brokers get bombarded with new gadgets, new marketing, diff software etc. I now have a proven system in place that works and besides other things my favorite take away from this program. The encouragement from everyone is absolutely wonderful! In the future I am going continuously fine tune this system so it will run like a well oiled machine. I have taken some coaching classes in the past but nobody has taught such a wonderful system. This is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it. Call her today! Thank you Sarah.

— Uta, Real Estate Agent

Incredible Groundwork and Community

SVMM laid an incredible groundwork for me to develop and live out. What made SVMM so special is the community that is behind you, never giving up on you. The wisdom delivered with enthusiasm and clarity were a gift to me and my business. I am on an exciting new journey and my roadmap will lead to great connections and care for my clients with the bricks I’ve established with SVMM materials. Reach out to Sarah NOW, don’t wait!

— Tricia, Real Estate Agent

Steady Pipeline of Business

I can’t say enough about Sarah and her thoughtful and logical approach to marketing for the unique business that we are in. 

The program is helping me simplify and streamline my approach to marketing so that I can create a steady pipeline of business rather than riding the income roller coaster and hoping for miracles. 

Most importantly the program and Sarah have helped me with my mindset, helping me to celebrate wins and attract ideal clients and let go of clients that were a waste of time and energy. 

I highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to get their business to the next level. Thank you, Sarah!

— Aaron, Real Estate Agent

Clear Strategy, Immediate ROI

Working with Sarah Long has already proven to be a fantastic business decision.  

Before working with her, I was successful, but my business strategy was scattered, at best. Sarah immediately got things in control with a clear strategy based on ROI.  

Within the first month, she already had multiple systems in place and running, and after only one campaign, I was already getting appointments and being stopped at the grocery store!  

It’s fantastic to be able to trust in my business’s success, knowing I have proven sales and marketing systems running, so I can focus on what I do best. If you are thinking about working with Sarah, do it.

— Loren, Top 1% Agent 10 Years in a Row

My Business Will Double and Possibly Triple

Sarah is a wonderful teacher and coach! With her support I was able to go from a real slump to putting together a comprehensive marketing plan that allows me to focus on building an ongoing pipeline of business. I think every agent starting out should take this course, as well as those like myself that may have hit a bump in the road. I believe my business will double and possibly triple in the next few years based on the plans we put into place. You should call Sarah! You will not be disappointed!

— Stephanie, Real Estate Agent

Just What I Needed to Get Back on Track

I’ve been a Realtor for 18 years and joining Sarah’s program was the best thing for my path. She’s great to work with and I’m ready for the success coming my way. Had a two year setback from a health condition but conquered that and ready to conquer this system.

The program was just what was needed to get me back on track and moving forward to my expectations.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for this great opportunity.

— Margie, Real Estate Agent

Changed My Business

This program is so worth it – Sarah Long changed my business.

— Donna, Real Estate Agent

Comprehensive Approach with Strategic Thinking

I was at a point in my real estate career where I knew I needed some help to bring it to the next level. I wasn’t satisfied with the status quo of being “okay – successful.”

Sarah’s training program is a comprehensive approach covering not only the tactical points, those alone would be worth the price of admission, but she also makes sure your strategic thinking will be in line with your goals.

As a matter of fact, she’ll make sure that you go deep into your current mindset and perceived limits before you tackle any tactical tasks.

As a side note, you need to be okay with the fact that she’ll hold you accountable throughout the process, because she will :).

Since this is a very personalized program the initial phone call will really determine if you are a good fit for the program – in my case, I felt very comfortable after the call that Sarah can take me to the next level.

— Michael, Real Estate Agent

Finally, a Defined Path Forward

If you’re like I was you may be thinking…should I really spend this money and will it be worth it? My answer to you is…Absolutely!

Sarah will literally trick you into doing those things you knew you had to do but had no idea where to start! By taking her ideas and implementing them I finally have a defined path forward.

I’ve shared a few tidbits with folks that have been in the business a long time and when they see what I’ve developed with her they are amazed!

So…definitely pull the trigger and make that call today and chat with Sarah…You will be glad you did!

— Edmond, Real Estate Agent

I Now Know What to Do Each Day, Each Week and Each Month

In just two short months I have transformed my business from a disjointed one where I wasn’t sure where to put my energy and was wasting a lot of time and money, to a highly focused one where I now know what to do each day, each week and each month to have the massive success that was eluding me previously. Sarah has not only given me the tools and guidance to be successful, but also the confidence I need to make it happen. If your business isn’t where you want it to be, you owe it to yourself to talk with Sarah’s team and see what she can do for you. This is not just another how-to course. It’s truly a life changing experience.

— Chuck, Real Estate Agent

Strategies, Tools and Plans in Place for Consistent Pipeline of Ideal Clients

I am now so excited about the future of my real estate career. I have a marketing plan for pipeline creation that focuses on my expert value. Before this program, my business was challenged by inconsistency. Now I have the strategies, tools and plans in place to have a consistent pipeline of ideal clients. My whole business and mindset has shifted thanks to this program! Working with Sarah has been a pleasure and has helped me to grow personally and professionally. She has empowered me and positioned me for huge growth and success in my business. This program is exactly what I needed to get to the next level.

— Kim, Real Estate Agent

The Best There Is

I was on a roller coaster ride. My business wasn’t consistent. I feel good about knowing how to do a market report. Many agents in my company are all above me but they didn’t know how to complete one. SVMM is the best best there is. I know my business is going to soar to the heights I can’t imagine. I can’t share anything like that yet because I fell behind due to personal issues, but I buckled down. Mail outs are in the mail and working on web site. I am going to stay in the accelerator class. I love SVMM, you get obsessed with it.

— Debra, Real Estate Agent

From Overwhelmed to Strategic

Before I started the program, I was unclear of what to do, didn’t have a target audience that I wanted to market to, and was overwhelmed by all of the tasks I felt I had to do to get business. The program has helped me to plan a strategy to maintain my marketing. Sarah has helped me become completely honest with myself to set clear goals, plan and implement strategies, and work on my mindset.

— Chanmaly, Real Estate Agent

Now I Can Stay on Track

Sarah is wonderful to work with and has helped me in so many ways.  

Since starting with Sarah, I have had the confidence to break away from a team that wasn’t helping me close deals. I had been using expensive Kunversion leads, which I no longer need, and I now have a marketing calendar so I can stay on track.  

I have already grown so much with Sarah, and I am extremely excited for what next year will bring! Working with her will be the best decision of your career.

— Debbie, Real Estate Agent

Scalable Business

Sarah has helped me take fragmented ideas and strategies and turn them into a scalable business model.  

We have streamlined everything from lead gen to conversion to growing my team, and as a result I can confidently say my brokerage will grow multiple times over this coming year.  

Sarah’s experience means she can foresee potential issues before they even come up, and already has proven strategies on hand to handle them.  

I love working with Sarah and being able to rest easier knowing I have the strategic backup I need to be successful.

— Julie, Real Estate Broker & Owner

Top-Notch Work

I was just bragging about the great work that you showed me today. I want you to know that I really, really appreciate you and the top-notch, classy work that you are doing for me. You are a gem!

— Val, Top 1% Nationwide Real Estate Agent

Strategic and Actionable Guidance

I’ve recently started working with Sarah Long and amazed about how much we’ve already accomplished. She has helped me prioritize and refocus from what was a long, overwhelming list of marketing to-dos with strategic and actionable guidance.

— Wendy, Realtor and Principal

One month in, learned and accomplished more than in one year of old coaching

Coming off my most successful year in real estate I thought things would be easier – but instead I found myself stuck, not getting the kind of ROI I expected from my marketing and worst of all, not really understanding why.

I’m very analytical and in my research I came across Sarah’s program. I’ve been through other training and coaching systems which didn’t really deliver on the promises, so I’m always a little skeptical. After listening to Sarah’s initial webinar and then talking to her in person I knew her approach was different and exactly the kind of support I was looking for.

I’m halfway through the program and I can honestly say that in just a few short weeks I’ve learned MORE and accomplished MORE than I did in a whole year of coaching with Tom Ferry.

I’ve been able to tackle the areas which have been my trouble spots with Sarah’s guidance every step of the way. Her presentations are clear and show exactly what to do for each section. If you get stuck, she is there to help. Her weekly Q&A sessions are a goldmine of additional information and the one-on-one support you get with her is invaluable.

And yes, you actually are talking with and being coached by Sarah! This has been one of the best parts of being in her program – direct access to Sarah and her insights plus personalized help for your specific needs.

I wish I had found Sarah’s program when I first started in real estate – it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a coaching program. I’m so grateful to now be solidly on my way to building my business the way I’ve been dreaming of for the past few years.

If you are committed to taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend Sarah’s program.

— Rachel, Top-Ranked Agent

I wish I would have done this from the very start of my career!

Working with Sarah has put me on the right path with mindset and strategy for my business. I am just into my third year as a licensed agent and knew I needed help. 

I was trying all of the gimmicks and next best thing on the internet with no ROI. My pipeline was not getting any larger and any leads that were coming in were no good. I was feeling like everything I was trying was what everyone else was also doing. 

I needed to set myself apart, get on a schedule/routine with my business and find what works, instead of testing my hand in everything out there with the quick and done for you method. 

Sarah helped me get a consistent, value-based marketing plan together and mindset to get the leads in my pipeline that fit with my values of who I want to work with. 

I am getting positive feedback from my new marketing and some referrals are coming in! The way I talk about and present myself is now set to a higher standard and people are responding! 

My goals for the year are truly attainable and I am feeling much more in control of my own success! 

It is worth it to book a call with Sarah! New or seasoned in this business…Sarah is terrific in helping you get your systems and marketing in place for what works today and making it represent you and your value to your clients! I wish I would have done this from the very start of my career!

— Michelle, Real Estate Agent

Create the Client Pipeline You Deserve

So, what made the huge difference for these agents?

As a real estate agent, the challenge of being both a fantastic agent for your clients and a marketing-savvy business owner yourself can become entirely overwhelming.

These agents were able to make two very important shifts. One, they are now implementing customized, strategic, scalable systems and learning how and why they work. And two, they were able to elevate their mindset to being a top agent, and able to perform at an elite level without needing to work around the clock.

What makes working with Sarah so different from other coaches, consultants and programs?

These agents would tell you it’s the trifecta combination of strategic guidance, mindset support and the massive integrity we bring to serving every single client.

Yes, we want you to get wins in your business as quickly as possible—but it is just as, if not MORE important to build a solid, SCALABLE foundation in your business and the critical thinking skills and negotiation power to support it. We challenge our clients to do this with our exceptional support…but we can’t make you be a top agent.

If you are prepared to work exceptionally hard—and smart—this is the best investment you can make in your business.

This isn’t “just a program,” this is about completely transforming your business so it can grow and scale for years to come.

So if you’re facing what feels like an impossible gap between where you are and where you want to be, and you want to make your effort count, book a call today.

On the call, we will take 45-90 minutes to cover where you are, where you want to be, and if it’s a fit, how we can help you get there.

This is not for everyone. We ONLY work with agents who have massive integrity, who work hard to get their clients great results and take their fiduciary responsibilities seriously, and who are truly committed to taking their business to the next level.

If that’s you, book a call today and fill out the form.

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