If there’s something big that you need to get done…who you gonna call?

Accountability is a key characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs. The only problem is that when running your own business, there are approximately 95 moving parts, and just one you.

All growing businesses get to the point of expansion. The trick is bringing in experts who “get it” and can get it done.

You know, experts who have accountability. People you can count on to move your vision forward.

Your marketing department is responsible for keeping the company afloat—in no uncertain terms.

You don’t bring in good leads, you can’t close good leads, you don’t have good clients, you don’t get good testimonials, you don’t have financial viability.

An expert marketing and business development strategist is oftentimes the right move. You get best of everything: the latest information about what’s happening in marketing and business, someone who is accountable, and the ability to get stuff done that matters (whether you do that in-house or not).

Take my clients—a husband and wife duo—who came to me from a referral. He was actually a marketing VP in his previous career, so they were speaking my language.

They knew that the key to success is working to the highest and best use of your time.

What made us such a good team right off the bat is that me being accountable for the pieces I owned allowed them to fully embrace accountability for theirs.

They’d always had happy clients, but their clients were so happy they became true brand evangelists. I kept advising against various ad campaigns they wanted to run (stay tuned for more about the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset I kybosh), with savings so significant they were actually able to hire a new FTE assistant.

Talk about highest and best use as a product of accountability.

Finding your accountable expert can be the keystone to your business.

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